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The KTO Project presents...
Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013
, 8 PM
La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA

The KTO Project has waited a long time-they are finally home and ready to celebrate with you! Please join this 10-piece band for an unforgettable night of music -- bring your dancing shoes!

Tickets/Info: $13 advance, $15 door

Abraham Gumroyan (bass), Bob Crawford (keys), Silvestre Martinez (percussion), Deszon Claibourne (drums), Jose Roberto (guitar & vocals), Fernanda Bustamante (vocals & violin), Michelle Jacques (vocals and percussion), Chris Brown (trumpet), Sheldon Brown (sax), Kelly Takunda Orphan Martinez (vocals and percussion)

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Recent Reviews

Give It To The People
Maurice: Evolution of Media Entertainment

A friend of mine gave me a CD of this San Francisco/Bay Area independent artist by the name of Kelly Takunda Orphan. After the first couple of bars, I was completely blown away and in love with this unknown artist. My first response was how spiritual and warm the record came across, then I noticed how lyrically and musically profound this young lady was. Kelly is definitely blessed with the gift of communicating to the people the importance of universal understanding, love, and self awareness in a way that's not forced down your throat like a bad pill, but enjoyed like a great home-cooked meal.

Kelly is a true definition of what it means to be a true multi-talented musician. Using her Armenian roots as the foundation, she fuses the music of West Africa, Zimbabwe, and the Caribbean mixed with honest and warm vocals. What transpired was Give It To The People, her debut recorded for All For One Records and produced by by Mr. Kenneth Nash.

The musical marriage between Kelly and Kenneth has placed her a cut above her Bay Area peers, because the production quality is top-notch and the songwriting is powerful and insightful. What amazed me, this being Kelly's first record, is that the whole album is engaging with not a bad song anywhere. Normally, you would get two maybe three good songs and the rest are fillers, but Kelly's songs all stand on their own individual merits as strong singles oriented songs. I do personally have my favorites like Eagle Woman, which has an infectious chorus that just makes me want to sing along with her. Close To Me, and Kuda kwaIshe, the messages and spiritual energy are undeniable, and I love the gospel energy of Iwe Ndiwe. I told you it's hard for me to really decide because it's all excellent.

One thing I will say is that everyone owes it to themselves to experience the magic and love of Give It To The People. If you can't that's ok because that just means that you are already dead.

— Maurice: Evolution of Media Entertainment


New CD Release: Give It To The People

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“Kelly Takunda Orphan has a delicious blend of traditional and contemporary ingredients in her work. She’s so satisfying.”
     — Keith Terry, Crosspulse.

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